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Many recipes call for bite-sized chunks of beef instead of thick, juicy filets. Just because your stew or stir fry features smaller cuts of meat doesn’t mean it can’t deliver a hearty, robust flavor. Experience a rich, buttery explosion in every bite with authentic American Wagyu beef tenderloin medallions from Triple T Ranch. Although our family-owned ranch is located in South Alabama, we ship American Wagyu beef tenderloin anywhere in the United States. We take pride in our sustainable husbandry practices to bring you premium-quality cuts suitable for any meal or occasion. Browse our online shop today.

The Best Ways to Prepare American Wagyu Beef Tenderloin

American Wagyu beef tenderloin is a versatile beef cut that can become the star of any meal, even in bite-sized chunks. While tenderloin medallions may be a lesser-known steak cut, they’re a great introduction to American Wagyu beef because they’re considered one of the most luxurious cuts available. From braising to pan-searing and grilling, you can prepare American Wagyu beef tenderloin in various ways. You don’t need to add much seasoning – just a pinch of salt and pepper for the best results. Let its intense marbling and buttery flavor do all the heavy lifting in your family’s next stir fry or stew. Check out our crowd-pleasing recipes and blogs for additional cooking tips that will have you prepping American Wagyu beef from Triple T Ranch like a master chef in no time!

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Triple T Ranch registers all of our cattle through the American Wagyu Association to ensure their authenticity and quality for your peace of mind. More families are discovering the benefits of cooking with American Wagyu beef over the alternatives. Renowned by world-class chefs and restaurants, this premium-quality beef doesn’t contain any added hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products. Take your meals from ordinary to extraordinary by ordering American Wagyu beef tenderloin from us today. Please contact us with questions or concerns about our product availability or nationwide shipping.

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