What Is Wagyu Beef? How Is It Different from Other Beef?

Triple T Ranch Provides American Wagyu Beef in Alabama

Perhaps you’ve heard of Wagyu beef, but you aren’t quite sure what the term means. Originally a Japanese beef cattle breed, the word Wagyu itself comes from the Japanese words “Wa” (Japanese) and “gyu” (cow). Wagyu cattle are horned and either red or black in color. They’re considered a premier meat source by chefs and others in the food industry due to their additional intramuscular fat cells, which allow for more marbling of the meat. Although once exclusive to Japan, Wagyu cattle have been present in the United States since they were first imported in 1975. As a Southern Alabama Wagyu cattle breeder, Triple T Ranch ships quality American Wagyu beef both locally and nationally.

The Benefits of Eating Highly Marbled Wagyu Beef

If you’ve never eaten Wagyu beef before, your taste buds will be amazed. Many gourmet restaurants have discovered the rich, buttery flavor and juicy tenderness of Wagyu beef when compared to others. The marbling of the meat means it contains a higher ratio of monounsaturated fat, which the American Heart Association has noted can lead to lower cholesterol, weight loss, and the prevention of coronary heart disease. Wagyu beef also contains higher percentages of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), stearic acid, and oleic acid, which is the same compound found in olive oil that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) says is good for your heart. Wagyu beef is not only cited as being more flavorful, but it also has fewer of the adverse health effects often associated with eating red meat.

How Is Wagyu Beef Regulated in the United States?

Since 1990, the American Wagyu Association has registered Wagyu cattle throughout the United States and Canada. Based in Post Falls, Idaho, this association is dedicated to promoting the Wagyu beef industry’s sustainability in North America. Wagyu cattle breeders primarily target the high-end restaurant industry, which has a high demand for flavorful, highly marbled beef for their patrons. However, anyone concerned about the quality of the red meat they’re consuming should consider making the switch to Wagyu beef. Located in Semmes, Alabama, Triple T Ranch offers pre-portioned single servings available for local delivery or standard overnight shipping in the United States.

Why Choose American Wagyu Beef from Triple T Ranch?

Triple T Ranch’s Wagyu cattle are raised without hormones or antibiotics to guarantee our premium products’ naturalness. Our American Wagyu beef is bred to have a high concentration of oleic acid, and every order is hand-selected straight from our ranch to ensure your satisfaction. We supply various cuts of meat, including ground beef, brisket, fillet mignon, short ribs, prime rib, and sirloin steak. No matter what cut of meat you prefer, your order from our ranch is sure to be the ultimate crowd-pleaser!

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Triple T Ranch makes shopping for American Wagyu beef simple with delivery and standard overnight shipping options. The estimated arrival time is two to three business days from your order date, depending upon your location. Although items are always shipped frozen, it’s normal for some thawing to occur during shipping. To learn more about our pricing and selection, we urge you to contact our customer care team. You may also browse our blogs, recipes, and cooking instructions for further information about ways to enjoy American Wagyu beef from our Southern Alabama ranch!