Ribs are a feast for the senses, primarily invading your taste, smell, and touch. As one of the most versatile cuts of meat, ribs are a barbecue staple and a traditional holiday favorite. American Wagyu short ribs from Triple T Ranch are marbled to perfection for the juiciest, most tender ribs ever to tantalize your taste buds. Our cattle are registered with the American Wagyu Association, and our premium cuts are always hormone-, antibiotic-, and animal by-product-free. American Wagyu beef offers the ideal flavor and buttery texture for ribs that are so tender they practically melt off the bone!

What’s the Best Way to Prepare American Wagyu Short Ribs?

There’s no wrong way to cook your American Wagyu short ribs from Triple T Ranch, but we recommend slathering them with a rub and slapping them on a smoker. Seasoning can be as simple as salt and pepper, or you can create a more complex sweet and savory rub. Some of the best spices to use on American Wagyu beef include ancho chili powder, smoked paprika, brown sugar, oregano, coriander, fennel seeds, rosemary, and garlic powder. Everyone’s tastes are different! Browse our crowd-pleasing recipes and blogs for more tips on cooking your American Wagyu short ribs like a master chef.

Learn More About Our American Wagyu Beef’s Availability

While our family-owned and -operated ranch is located in South Alabama, Triple T Ranch ships our succulent American Wagyu short ribs across the United States. Learn more about our pricing and product availability when you contact us. American Wagyu beef is growing in popularity due to its unique flavor, buttery texture, and intense marbling. You owe it to yourself to discover the difference.

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