What’s the Difference Between American Wagyu & Japanese Wagyu?


Weigh the Pros & Cons of Both Beef Types with Triple T Ranch


Perhaps you’ve heard of the luxury meat known as Wagyu beef, known for its fantastic marbling and flavor. Maybe you’ve also heard it used with either Japanese or American describing it and wondered what the difference was between the two. As a dedicated supplier of American Wagyu beef based in Southern Alabama, Triple T Ranch has taken the time to analyze the pros and cons of both below. Should you still have questions, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly customer care team!

What Is Wagyu Beef, and Where Do Wagyu Cattle Come from?

Wagyu cattle breeding originated in Japan, where the term Wagyu translates to “Japanese cows.” For centuries, these cattle have been raised in regulated regions and under specific conditions. However, many Wagyu cattle were exported to the United States and elsewhere before the country banned exporting live animals or their DNA. Japanese Wagyu beef comes directly from Japan, while American Wagyu beef comes from the United States or Canada. Both types of meat are graded according to certain criteria, including the marbling quality that this beef is praised for among the masses.

Will You Pay a Higher Price for Japanese or American Wagyu Beef?

One of the biggest differences between Japanese and American Wagyu beef is its availability and cost. Because only limited quantities of Japanese Wagyu beef are allowed in the United States, you’re likely to pay a premium price for this delicacy. American Wagyu beef is considered rare, but it’s not as scarce as its international counterpart. Therefore, you may be able to buy American Wagyu beef at a fraction of the cost while still enjoying juicy, tender cuts of meat. The American Wagyu Association closely monitors and registers Wagyu cattle herds in both the United States and Canada to guarantee your satisfaction with locally sourced Wagyu beef, including that found at Triple T Ranch in Southern Alabama

What Are the Health Benefits of Consuming Wagyu Beef?

Besides making the meat more tender and flavorful, the marbling found in Wagyu beef also indicates you’re eating a healthier red meat option. Whether you’re consuming Japanese or American Wagyu beef, its marbling indicates a higher percentage of monounsaturated fat and oleic acid, both of which are good for the heart because they may lower cholesterol, prevent coronary heart disease, and promote weight loss in many individuals. Triple T Ranch’s American Wagyu beef, in particular, has been bred to contain more monounsaturated fat and oleic acid than other beef found in the United States.

Why Buy American Wagyu Beef from Alabama’s Triple T Ranch?

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, American Wagyu beef from Southern Alabama’s Triple T Ranch is also a health-conscious choice because we raise our cattle without hormones or antibiotics. The Wagyu beef we sell has been hand-selected straight from our small family-owned and -operated ranch and delivered directly to your plate. Whether you prefer brisket, ground beef, ribeye steak, prime rib, or fillet mignon, we carry various cuts with local delivery and standard overnight shipping options available. If you could use recipes and cooking tips, talk to our customer care team today. We’re always here to answer any questions!