What's the worst way to cook Wagyu Steak?

Do you do Wagyu? If you’re itching to try this amazing kind of meat, we don’t blame you. From its exquisite mouth feel to its delicious, savory flavor to its high percentage of healthy fat, Wagyu is a true culinary gem. What’s more, it’s an investment! If you burn toast, you might feel bad about it. If you ruin Wagyu, it could break your heart. In fact, we think that mistreating Wagyu beef ought to be considered a crime! Here are the worst things to do when cooking Wagyu.

  • Boiling it. Ok, so this is a bit of a joke, because who would boil a beautiful steak? It’s the quickest way to take a beautiful, perfectly marbled cut of beef and turn it into dog food. While your dogs would no doubt appreciate it, the ranchers who treat Wagyu cattle with the utmost of care would not.
  • Overcooking it. Obviously boiling it is ridiculous, but that doesn’t mean that no one has ever cooked Wagyu until it’s well done. This is a big mistake, because cooking it too long causes it to lose the beautiful, juicy fat that makes it so special. It’s not that the beef gets tough and chewy, it’s just that it’s diminished when you cook it too long.
  • Going too heavy on the seasoning. Wagyu is delicious. It doesn’t need a marinade. It barely even needs salt and pepper. Before you season your Wagyu, we suggest you prepare some without seasoning and see how you feel about it. Trust us, the luxurious flavor of this beef does not need to be masked with seasoning.
  • Cooking it when it’s wet. This actually goes for all steaks, not just Wagyu beef. If there’s extra moisture on your steak when you cook it, it will create steam and prevent you from getting the beautiful sear that makes steak so special.

So now that you know how not to cook Wagyu, how should you cook it? It’s important to thaw it completely in the refrigerator, and we suggest you bring it to room temperature by setting it out about 30 minutes before you’re ready to cook it. Next, preheat a cast iron skillet over high heat, then cut some fat from the edges of your Wagyu and use that to grease the pan a little bit. Sear it quickly on each side, cooking it no more than medium-rare. Once the steak has reached an internal temperature of no more than 130 degrees, take it off the heat and let it rest for five to ten minutes before enjoying every delicious bite.

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