Wagyu beef steaks served on rectangular plate with wakame and halved cherry tomato

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy Wagyu beef, you’ll want to make sure the rest of your menu is worthy of such a scrumptious main dish. Wagyu is so delectable that some people feel the best option is to keep the rest of the meal extremely simple and allow the Wagyu to shine. On the other hand, Wagyu is delicious when prepared very simply, so accompanying it with sophisticated flavors can make for an amazing meal. There’s really no wrong answer, but here are some suggestions for what to serve with Wagyu.

  • Start with an appetizer provides a flavorful counterpoint to the meal. A charcuterie platter is a great option, with generous amounts of cheese, thin slices of baguette, jam, olives, and fresh fruit, and perhaps some salami or prosciutto.
  • Your side dishes should complement the flavor of the meat. Sauteed Brussels sprouts, asparagus, or slightly wilted spinach are all delicious options. Don’t over season your vegetables, particularly with strong flavors like garlic, because you don’t want to overpower the flavor of the Wagyu. A side salad of pea shoots, herbs, and flat-leaf parsley is pretty and tasty, and a simple baked or mashed potato is also a good choice. Rice pilaf and couscous also go well with Wagyu.
  • If you’re serving wine, there are plenty of great options. Red wine is a popular choice, because a high-quality, richly-flavored red will beautifully balance the high fat content of the meat. Choose a full-bodied, solid, silky red that’s smooth and bright. The rarer the steak will be, the stronger the wine should be.
  • What will you serve for dessert? It’s possible that no one will have room for dessert after a delicious and filling meal of Wagyu beef! If you still want something sweet, a light and fruity dessert is likely to fit the bill perfectly. You can choose a fruity, mousse-based pie, a sorbet, or a baked dish, depending on what appeals to you and your guests. On the other hand, some people prefer to finish such a sumptuous meal with a rich, elegant dessert like a chocolate torte or ganache flavored with sour cherry juice. Pairing a rich dessert with freshly ground coffee will elevate the experience even further.

We hope these suggestions have helped you decide what you’d like to serve with your Wagyu beef! If you’ve got more questions or you’re looking for a great place to buy American Wagyu Beef, the customer care team at Triple T Ranch would love to help! Located in south Alabama, our small, family-owned-and-operated ranch is a place where practicing proven husbandry techniques ensures the health and prosperity of the herd. Our cattle are healthy, happy, well cared-for, and registered through the American Wagyu Association. Browse our website to shop Wagyu beef and order online, or contact us for more information, or call (251)333-2800 to talk to our friendly, helpful customer care team.