Labels on meat can be confusing, with terms like “grass fed beef” “free range beef, and “organic meat” used without much explanation. You may have noticed that some meats in the grocery store specify on the labels that the animal was raised without hormones or antibiotics. Are you curious about the significance of that? It seems counterintuitive, particularly because most of us would agree that sometimes sick animals need to be treated with antibiotics. What does it mean? And are Wagyu beef cows raised without hormones or antibiotics?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the use of small doses of hormones in cattle. This allows the cows to grow more quickly and produce leaner meat. Many people are concerned, however, that the hormones given to cattle that produce the meat we eat can make their way into our bodies, causing cancer and other health problems. Then there’s the use of antibiotics. Because the conditions at many feedlots are unsanitary, antibiotics are often given continually to prevent illness and promote growth. This has many, including the FDA and the WHO (World Health Organization), concerned, but it’s proven difficult to regulate. There are some scientists who would argue that routine use of antibiotics in raising livestock has led to a rise in treatment-resistant bacterial infections in humans.

Does this mean you should only purchase meat that has been raised without antibiotics and hormones? Ultimately, that’s a personal decision. The levels of hormones and antibiotics currently used are considered safe by the FDA, and so many people choose to just accept that as part of the way the meat industry works. Farmers and others in the meat industry argue that their way of doing things is perfectly safe.

Wagyu beef farmers, however, do things a little bit differently. Wagyu cattle are raised humanely, with very little stress. That’s because stress can increase adrenaline, and that can make for tense muscles and tough meat. Wagyu cattle don’t engage in rigorous activity, and they’re sometimes brushed with a stiff brush to release tension and increase blood circulation. Perhaps most importantly, Wagyu cattle are free to graze in open pastures. The pasture raised meat that is the result of these practices is delicious, tender, and beautifully fatty. Wagyu cattle are never given hormones, steroids, routine antibiotics, or other drugs to boost their growth. Instead, they are well-fed and well-tended, using proven husbandry practices to ensure the health of the herd. Raising cattle this way is time-consuming, but when you taste the natural beef that it produces, you’ll agree it’s worth the investment of time, energy, and money that the ranchers put in.

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