Triple T Ranch Ships Authentic American Wagyu Beef Across U.S.

Is there anything more mouthwatering than a succulent ribeye steak for a meat lover? Ribeye cuts come from the animal’s ribs (just between the loin and shoulders) and rely on their intense fat marbling to produce a rich, juicy flavor that’s out of this world. When you choose authentic American Wagyu beef ribeyes from Triple T Ranch, you won’t need to add anything other than salt and pepper to get the perfect flavorful bite. Now the only question remains: Do you prefer bone-in or boneless ribeyes? It’s an age-old debate that our experts weigh in on for our many customers across the United States.

What’s the Difference Between Bone-In and Boneless Ribeyes?

As their name implies, the main difference between the two cuts is the presence of a bone or lack of one. However, the differences between bone-in and boneless ribeye steaks go beyond the apparent. Cost-wise, you’re likely to pay more for boneless ribeyes because they require more butchering time and have a wider consumable steak area with the bones removed. Bone-in ribeyes tend to take longer to cook, and you run the risk of the meat closer to the bone being chewier and less tender. However, both bone-in and boneless ribeyes are perennial crowd-pleasers when it comes to taste and texture. Did you know you can make your own boneless ribeyes from a rib roast or prime rib? You just have to slice the beef off the bones using a long, sharp knife for the most consistent cuts. Then you can cut these individual portions to your desired thickness as well.

Tips for Seasoning and Preparing Your American Wagyu Ribeyes

As stated previously, you don’t need to add much seasoning to American Wagyu beef. The ribeyes especially pack a ton of natural flavor thanks to their high fat content. American Wagyu ribeyes can be grilled or pan-seared using a cast-iron skillet. For the best sear, we recommend cooking your ribeyes on medium heat for 2-3 minutes and then letting them rest on either side until they reach the desired tenderness and internal steak temperature. You can use a meat thermometer to help you determine their internal temperature. Tastes may vary, but most experts agree that American Wagyu beef is best served medium or medium-rare to lock in its unique melt-in-your-mouth qualities.

Which Tastes Better, Bone-In or Boneless American Wagyu Ribeyes?

Both bone-in and boneless American Wagyu ribeyes are juicy and tender when properly prepped. Which tastes better? It all comes down to personal preferences. Some would argue in favor of bone-in ribeyes, citing that the cooked bone allows marrow to contribute to the beef’s buttery flavor. However, numerous studies and blind taste tests have revealed no detectable differences in taste between the two types of ribeyes. Whichever your budget allows, there’s no wrong way to enjoy an American Wagyu ribeye steak hot off the grill or fresh from the pan with a perfectly even sear. If you could use inspiration before your family’s next barbecue, check out our blogs and favorite recipes for more cooking insights.

Enjoy a Rich, Buttery Consistent Flavor With Every Bite

When it comes to American Wagyu steaks from Triple T Ranch, every bite should be as delicious as the first. Ribeyes are a personal favorite because they bring a consistent flavor with their rich, buttery texture and intense fat marbling. Our American Wagyu beef is free of added antibiotics, hormones, and animal by-products to ensure your family’s satisfaction. Don’t settle for the ordinary beef found at your local supermarket. Elevate your palate with the robust flavor of authentic American Wagyu beef today.

Get Your Authentic American Wagyu Beef From Triple T Ranch

Whichever side of the bone-in or boneless ribeye debate you weigh in on, there’s no denying that authentic American Wagyu beef ribeyes pack a powerful punch. Triple T Ranch registers all cattle at our family-owned South Alabama ranch through the American Wagyu Association. We ship across the United States using temperature-controlled packaging, bringing our premium cuts of American Wagyu beef to your family’s table wherever you are. Reach out to us today with any questions or concerns regarding pricing or availability!