When you have a great piece of meat like a Wagyu steak, you want to cook it right. So you have a big decision to make – do you grill it or cook it on the stovetop? Let’s compare these two methods.

When you grill a steak, you get those hash marks that everybody likes, and the heat of the open flame means it won’t take very long to cook, so be careful to not overcook it. The cooking time you save, however, may be lost when you consider the time it takes to set up the grill and clean it up later. 

Some people enjoy the grilling experience more than working in the kitchen because they enjoy being outside. And part of the appeal may be that cooking with fire, and gathering around a fire, is something our ancestors did for thousands of years. One obvious drawback of grilling is that you can’t control the weather. It may be really hot or cold out, and what do you do when it starts to rain or snow? Obviously, there’s no such problem inside. And many people living in city apartments have nowhere to grill, so the kitchen is the only option for them.

The grilling method retains less fat than pan cooking does, but it also retains less seasoning and moisture. Again, avoid overcooking or your steak will be dry. 

One reason you may want to cook your Wagyu steak on a stovetop instead of a grill is because that’s how fine restaurants tend to do it. Here are a few tips on how to cook steak on a stovetop and get fine restaurant results:

  • Let the meat thaw to room temperature. This usually takes about thirty minutes. A cold steak won’t cook sufficiently in the middle, so don’t get hasty.
  • Season or marinate as desired. This is of course a matter of personal taste, but some seasoning is generally recommended, such as a bit of salt and garlic. Some chefs recommend pepper and some do not.
  • Sear both sides on a large and very hot cast iron skillet, with a little bit of oil. (This can be preheated in the oven instead of the stovetop, for even temperature and to avoid smoking up the kitchen.) Other pans can work if the bottom is thick. Just make sure it’s very hot before you put the steak on. Searing seals in the juices, so don’t skip this step.
  • Many chefs will finish cooking the steak in the oven, but this is optional. 

For grilling, the preparation instructions are much the same. Thaw and season, then cook at a high temperature. After cooking, let the steak rest for a few minutes under a tent of foil. This lets the temperature and fat distribute more evenly throughout the steak. If you followed these instructions and used a quality steak like Wagyu beef, you’re going to love the results either way.

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