If you’ve ever tasted delectable Wagyu beef, you may be looking for an excuse to taste it again! With its exceptional marbling and luxuriant mouth feel, it’s a highly sought-after meat worthy of the finest restaurants in the world. But guess what? You don’t need an excuse to treat yourself to the taste of Wagyu. Not convinced? Here are some everyday occasions that you can easily elevate with American Wagyu beef.

  • Celebratory cookouts deserve Wagyu burgers. Why not make a big deal about the little things in life? If your child receives a good report card, your favorite sports team wins the big game, or you get a promotion at work, make it a celebration with a Wagyu cookout. We’ll get you started, with this recipe for an American Wagyu Cali Burger.
  • Maybe you just want to celebrate an ordinary good day. You have a great day at work, skip the traffic coming home, and the weather is just the way you like it. On a day when everything seems to be going your way, why not keep it going that way by cooking up a Wagyu dinner? Garlic-Citrus Marinated Tri-Tip Tostadas are the perfect way to end a perfect day.
  • Feelgood memories deserve a delicious meal. Sometimes, indulging in nostalgia just feels good. Whether you’ve got some well-loved company visiting or you’re just reminiscing about good times with your friends and family, enhance the experience with elevated comfort food like this Gruyere Stuffed American Wagyu Meatloaf.
  • Date night is even more special when it’s steak night. Whether you’re enjoying a night in with your spouse or setting the table for one to celebrate some alone time, a leveled up steak dinner is just right for making the night perfect. Try this American Wagyu New York Strip with Browned Butter and Fresh Chimichurris for a truly elevated evening.
  • Have Wagyu any time, “just because.” On any ordinary night, after the simple pleasures of an ordinary day, like the sun on your face or a perfect parking space, have something special to make the day even better. We recommend this American Wagyu Meatballs and Sweet Pea Risotto for celebrating all the little things that make life so great.

If you want more meal ideas or have questions about American Wagyu Beef, the customer care team at Triple T Ranch would love to help! Located in south Alabama, our small, family-owned-and-operated ranch is a place where practicing proven husbandry techniques ensures the health and prosperity of the herd. Our cattle are healthy, happy, well cared-for, and registered through the American Wagyu Association. Browse our website to shop Wagyu beef  and order online, or contact us for more information, or call (251)333-2800 to talk to our friendly, helpful customer care team.