Lately, it seems short ribs are all the rage. Whether you are dining at a high-end restaurant or shopping for meat for your own grill, you will find them everywhere. There are different cuts of ribs, however, and it’s good to educate yourself before you prepare your rib dinner. What’s the difference between English cut short ribs and long bone short ribs, for instance? Here, we will help clear things up for you.

First, if you’re choosing between beef and pork ribs, there are some things you should know. Beef ribs are much larger, so you can buy a lower quantity and have enough to feed your guests. Pork ribs have a reputation for being easier to prepare, but if you buy a high-quality beef like Wagyu, you will find it’s just as simple. Beef ribs have more marbling, which makes them more tender and delicious. If your beef is Wagyu, you’re guaranteed melt-in-your mouth tenderness and a rich, buttery flavor.

There are different types of rib cuts available. When you are shopping for short ribs, you will no doubt come across English cut short ribs and long bone short ribs. Let’s take a look at these two options, so that you can determine which will be a better option for the meal you are about to prepare.

  • English cut short rubs are the most common. The English-style cut separates the ribs by cutting between them but leaving them in racks. It is common for English cut short ribs to be sold in racks of four ribs, but you can request more or fewer depending on your needs. This type of cut leaves a thick piece of meat on the bone, so it takes longer to cook. Often, the meat is removed from the bone before it is cooked, to make it easier to cook and cut.
  • Long bone short ribs, in truth, are not that much different from English-style short ribs. The primary difference is that instead of being left in racks, long bone short ribs are sliced between each rib. Therefore, the ribs are each prepared and served individually, rather than part of a block of meat. Why are they called long bone short ribs? It is because their ribs extend longer than most other short ribs. These ribs are usually cooked and served on the bone, rather than being sliced off before cooking like English cut short ribs. Long bone short ribs are delicious when cooked in a variety of methods, including sous vide, grilling, and roasting.

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