How do You Know How Much Wagyu to Buy?

Wagyu beef is delicious and tender, full of flavor, and with a luxurious mouth feel. This cannot be disputed, but another fact about Wagyu is equally indisputable: it is expensive. When you are ready to purchase some mouth-watering Wagyu, you will want to make sure you buy the right amount, that’s enough, without being too much. How can you determine how much Wagyu to buy? How much you need to buy really depends on how you intend to serve your Wagyu beef.

  • If you are buying a Wagyu steak cut like tenderloin or ribeye, you can buy anywhere from 7 to 14 oz of meat. Be aware, though, that Wagyu is very rich and buttery, so this may be a portion too large to enjoy on your own. You can always share your steak, along with a simple salad and some potatoes, or just wrap up your leftovers to save for later. When done correctly, Wagyu reheats beautifully.
  • Wagyu Shabu-Shabu comes in smaller portions, ready for the hot pot.These slices are shaved extremely thin, and each slice weighs only an ounce or two. Depending on your appetite, you will probably want between three and a half to 10 ounces in total.
  • Wagyu Sukiyaki is also portioned for the hot pot, although some people prefer to grill it beforehand. These slices are slightly thicker than shabu-shabu, but you will probably want to eat about the same amount.
  • Yakiniku slices come in the lightest portions. Neatly sliced and grilled at the table, these can be served in a platter with all the same cut or a variety of cuts. One serving is about one to three and a half ounces.
  • If you plan to stir fry your Wagyu, you need about nine ounces per dish. We say this assuming you will be stir-frying it with onions, green peppers, and other ingredients, enough to make a “small portion” dish at a Chinese restaurant, to be eaten along with other courses. Nine ounces serves two, but if you want to add someone else to your dining party, just add another three ounces or so.
  • Wagyu for Gyudon is essentially stir fried shabu-shabu. These thin strips are laid on top of a bowl of rice to make this classic Japanese Beef Bowl. To serve three people, you will probably need about 10.5 ounces of Wagyu.
  • To make curry or stew with your Wagyu, you will need about two pounds to serve four people. It will only take about two hours of simmering in a crockpot to cook your stew or curry, which is far less time than it takes to make ordinary beef tender enough to eat. If you happen to have leftovers, rest assured that they will never go to waste!
  • If you just want to provide a sample of Wagyu, plan an ounce per person. Maybe you can’t afford to feed all of your guests, or maybe you are not sure who will want beef. Just pick up one good Wagyu steak, cook it, slice it, and serve it like an appetizer.

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