Learn How to Prep American Wagyu Beef Like a Master Chef

American Wagyu beef is a crowd-pleasing entrée at any barbecue. Turn up the heat at your next gathering by grilling American Wagyu steaks. Whether you’re prepping budget-friendly tenderized round steaks or splurging on filet mignon or ribeyes, there’s no denying the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of authentic American Wagyu beef from Triple T Ranch. Our family-operated ranch in South Alabama ships mouthwatering American Wagyu beef across the United States. Below, we’ve provided the basics to have you grilling American Wagyu steaks at home like a master chef in no time!

Prepping Tips Before You Grill Your American Wagyu Steaks

Prepping and grilling techniques will vary depending on the specific cut of American Wagyu beef you’re working with from Triple T Ranch. American Wagyu steaks tend to be richer and fattier than regular steaks. New York strips and bone-in and boneless ribeyes are ideal for quick sears on high heat. Regardless of the cut, you’ll want to remove your steaks from the refrigerator about 30-60 minutes before grilling them. This will give them plenty of time to reach the desired room temperature. American Wagyu steaks can be cooked using a gas or charcoal grill. If you have a thick cut, we suggest beginning your sear over indirect heat and then finishing it off over direct heat for the perfect bite.

What Are the Best Ways to Season American Wagyu Steaks?

Due to their rich flavor and velvety texture, your American Wagyu steaks won’t require much seasoning. Salt and pepper may be all you need. However, if you want them to pack an additional punch of flavor, you might consider adding a dry rub, cayenne pepper, or garlic powder. Adding spices to your steaks will help them form a more flavorful crust. Before seasoning, be sure to pat them dry using a paper towel.

How Long Should You Cook American Wagyu Beef?

You want to avoid overcooking American Wagyu beef, as this will affect its juiciness and taste. Factors to consider when determining the appropriate cook time include how thick the cut is, how hot your grill gets, and the desired internal temperature for your steaks. There’s no wrong internal temperature when it comes to steaks – it’s all a matter of preference. We recommend taking the steaks off the grill about five degrees before they reach your desired internal temperature, as the meat will continue to cook while it rests. Unsure how to gauge internal steak temperatures like a master chef? Use a meat thermometer and this handy steak internal temperature guide:

  • Rare – A rare steak (115-130 degrees) will appear brown on the outside with a soft, cool center.
  • Medium-Rare – A medium-rare steak (130-135 degrees) will appear pink around the edges and red in the center. The center should also be very soft and tender.
  • Medium – A medium steak (135-150 degrees) should be primarily pink with a gray ring on the outside and a red center. This is the point where the fat will begin to add flavor as it liquefies.
  • Medium-Well – A medium-well steak (150-160 degrees) will appear mostly gray with a sliver of pink in the center. The meat will be very firm and will start to shrink as its marbled fat begins to liquefy.
  • Well-Done – A well-done steak (160+ degrees) will appear mostly gray. You’ll cook out most of the juices and fat due to the high temperature. While you’re free to cook American Wagyu steaks to any temperature you desire, we don’t recommend well-done steaks.

What’s the Best Way to Prepare American Wagyu Steaks?

Cooking times and methods will vary depending on the thickness of your American Wagyu beef cut and your preferences. Thinner cuts like tenderized round steaks are best cooked over the hottest part of your grill. Thicker cuts like tomahawks may require alternating between direct high heat and a low-to-medium heat. Flipping your steaks can help you achieve a perfectly even sear and a golden-brown crust. Also, consider pan-searing your steaks using a cast-iron skillet for the best sear. Be sure to check our blogs and family-friendly recipes for additional cooking tips.

From Our Family’s Alabama Ranch to Your Family’s Dinner Table

You don’t have to visit a fancy five-star restaurant to savor gourmet American Wagyu steaks prized for their rich flavor, intense marbling, and buttery texture. We’re proud to bring authentic American Wagyu beef directly from our South Alabama ranch to your family’s dinner table. We register all cattle through the American Wagyu Association. Our premium-quality cuts are free of added hormones, antibiotics, and animal by-products to guarantee your satisfaction. Contact Triple T Ranch today to inquire about the pricing and availability of American Wagyu steaks. They’re sure to be the star of your next cookout!